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Political Aggravation

How Much More of This Must We Take

I am so angry right now. It’s the frustration of dealing with blatant stupidity. It’s knowing that you can’t ever hope to make these two loonies comprehend sense because they just can’t. It’s knowing that the largest city in Toronto is being made the laughing-stock of Canada, probably all of North America. This Football nonsense has just sent me over the edge. I cannot believe how stupid he is, so stupid he doesn’t even stop doing it after he’s caught red-handed. On top of which he’s now very publicly guilty of perjury. It’s the arrogance that really gets to me. Doug Ford screams “this is about Rob Ford and Football…if it was the tree huggers or whatever you wouldn’t care”.

Well Doug here’s the thing. Yes we would care. Doug, this is not about Rob Ford and football. I have nothing but admiration for a man who works so hard with young boys and football. But Doug old fella. The word volunteer does not mean “I can do whatever I want, I’m volunteering”. If I told my boss I was leaving at 2 because I’m volunteering at my nieces school, every day for the rest of the week. I don’t even want to think about what he would say to me.

Doug, you and your brother live in some alternate life stream. In your land you are always right and every one else is always picking on you. There are no rules in Ford land. You just do as you please when and however the mood hits you.  In Ford land it’s OK to mock and bully and never quite tell the truth. Actually I lie, there are rules in Ford land. For everyone else. If “they” break the rules, they risk the full frontal assault of your wrath. You, however, may do as you please and if you get called on it, well, we are just being mean and intrusive. Nice world you live in.

I live in a different place where there are rules, and laws, and above all oaths of office. We elected Rob to be our mayor. Just like a father is a role model for his child, Rob,  you are a role model for a city. You are held to a higher standard, as every other mayor has been. Ford land doesn’t work here boss. Yes you do have to come to work at 9 and stay til 5. Yes you do have to obey the rules. No you don’t get to have half your staff working on city time for your charity. That is not “volunteering” their own time. That is volunteering my time. I pay them. Me and all my friends. Your constituents.

If your staff are really on their own time, show us the time cards. Show us the paychecks with time deducted. Or explain how they are making up the time. You promised us transparency. I’m still waiting Rob. Oh and by the way, while you’re at it. I’d like to see a copy of your cheque with time deducted as well. Leaving office at 2 over and over for football practise constitutes dereliction of duty at the very least.

Rob, why did you run for mayor? Don’t tell me about gravy. You wouldn’t know what gravy was if it slapped you in the face. Don’t tell me you wanted to fight for the regular people. You have not the first idea what regular people want. You thought you were going to be king didn’t yo?. You are the little boy who was never popular. You grew up to be the man who was never Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, greeting a nun at ...popular. You claim to be proud of that lack of connection over 10 years of council.  I don’t believe that for a second. Little boy lost sat and watched everybody love David Miller and you thought “I want me some of that”. Rob, a man who refuses to listen to advice, refuses to make any effort to know his colleagues, who is confrontational at every turn, and incapable of compromise of any kind is a man doomed to fail as mayor of any city.

Toronto gives the mayor only one vote like every other council member. You can’t win if you can’t get along. You got away with a few doozies at the start before council woke up and shook its head. From then on you were lost. First you tried the bully’s approach. That just pushed them all farther back. Then you tried ignoring us all in the hopes we’d go away while you were cleaning graffiti. Now you seem to have decided the hell with it. They won’t let me be King so I’m not playing anymore.

Well, here’s the thing. I didn’t vote for you and refused to believe you could win. But Goddamnit you did. Whether you like it or not you are the Mayor of this city. You have and still are, behaving like the spoiled brat rich kid you are. Enough Mr. Mayor. If the judge doesn’t throw you out of office then do the honourable thing and quit fucking around. Resign sir. You don’t want to be mayor anymore. You know it and we know it. If you run in 2014 and were to actually win again it would be a fiasco of unbelievable proportions. I think you know this but you’re still busy playing school yard games. You won’t run to be mayor, you’ll run to get revenge. That is not the action of a responsible citizen.

You have children. Is this the legacy you want for them? Be the bigger man. Tell us you have realized you owe it to this city to do the work you are best suited to. Be the incredible supporter of kids you are. Lord knows it’s what this city needs. Once and for all, give us something to truly admire about you. Go coach. Go save more lives. Do it now. We can’t take much more.


About middleagedinthenewmillenium

This shall be my rant. These are the rants of a confused citizen just trying to survive from day to day. I am one of "they" & I'm tired of hearing what I want when no one asked me! I comment on poverty, politics and life in the new millennium. I believe in the people, all the people, and I love Toronto with all my heart.


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