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Can we?

I have not written for quite some time. Partly because there was too much to do and partly because I have just become totally fed up. For a bit I have been in a WTF state. The world around me is just such a bloody mess. How do I make a difference all by myself? I live in a city that has let a man with no moral compass be mayor. He flaunts the law and continually gets away with it. He’s the Jim Bakker of politics. I believe the law will stop him cold very very soon. Unfortunately I am afraid I will not be surprised if the fractious city we live in re-elects him anyway. Wasn’t it the mayor of Washington, D.C. who was caught red-handed with cocaine, did time, came back and got re-elected?

WE created government. No one seems to remember that. It was our decision to choose members of our number to be our democratically elected government. WE decided its form. WE built it’s structures, approved it’s rules, agreed to abide by them. WE built this. US. WE the people. What has been built can be rebuilt. Or torn down and started over. This CAN be done. These clowns who rule us have forgotten why they are where they are. WE have forgotten how they got there. Look at the Arab Spring. Those people rose as one, fearless in the face of plenty of guns. Libya, Egypt, Syria. These people who it is so easy for us to condescend to have stood as one and said ENOUGH! Have died for the change. Would you?

Why is it so hard to get the people of this country to see this? Why are we so willing to sit back and take this crap we are being dished? We have an embarrassing fool at the head of the most powerful city in the country. A city that is starving for the funds it needs to truly be the city it should be and once was. We have a virtual dictator at our country’s head. He is answerable to no one and quite likely will get re-elected by a people who seem oblivious to all the dubious decisions he is making that are destroying our natural resources. Natural resources that are our birthright.

Chief Theresa Spence is committing an incredibly brave act of defiance. Do people get tIdle No More, Vancouverhat not only is the PMO ignoring her. Many of the chiefs in Canada do not support her stance. My heart bleeds for this brave woman. She makes me feel very small indeed. If her fellow chiefs are not willing to make compromises with the government, her action will not succeed. Her battle is far bigger than we realise. I am fasting with her for the weekend and doesn’t that seem like a very tiny thing to do?

This is a country that has done so much for its immigrants. We are known for that. People want to come to Canada from all points. Yet we cannot seem to solve the problems of our own indigenous people. We have reserves with no potable water in a country that is currently one of the most financially stable in the world. Huh? The Chiefs have one stance and the Government has another. No one wants to budge. Hello you bunch of bureaucratic fools! People are dying while you play this childish game. If the chiefs are to receive the financial support so desperately needed BY THEIR PEOPLE. They MUST accept the fact that they will have to answer to our Auditor General. Full Stop.

Our native Canadians have not been treated well, as is true in most countries with indigenous peoples. OK. I know the history. I grew up in the interior of BC. I saw, I went to school with it. It sucked, sucks. Large. BUT this is 2013. We can’t change what has been done. The past is the past, shameful though it may be. We CAN make the future better. We must accept our responsibilities to all our citizens. I understand the power of their anger and I acknowledge the shame. Anger achieves nothing. Anger and the stubborn wills of a few powerful men are what makes war. Isn’t it time we learned from our mistakes or are we really doomed to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over? The poverty and hardships of our native population are truly shameful but hey. People are starving right here in River City too folks. Do you know where the largest population density of indigenous peoples is in Canada? The city of Toronto kids.

CAN we not acknowledge that our systems aren’t working particularly well? can we not take a long hard look and start changing things? CAN Harper’s government stop and realize they are not going to get away with raping this countries natural resources? We’re on to you Steve. CAN the Chiefs not recognize that the jig is up. Time to be responsible leader 100% of the time please. Your people are starving in tents. CAN we not find a way for transparency to be a part of the agreement without making accusations and reriminations for the past? We both have plenty to answer for in the past. Both!

Please, please, please hear my emotional response to Chief Spence’s actions. I believe it is not just the CPC she is making this stand for. I believe she is handing a wake up call to her fellow chiefs as well. As we say to all small children “Can’t we all get along?” Peoples lives are at stake. It doesn’t matter who WAS right or wrong. It matters that people need help. OUR people. OUR people. We are all Canadians damn it. All of us. I am not claiming to know the answer but I know the answer is there, right in front of us. We just need to all work together to find it. It IS that simple. CAN we?

Henry Ford said “Those who think they can and those who think they can’t are both right.” I think we can. Do you?


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