I just turned 60. I belong to that group of people out there who are approaching old age without a penny saved. Am I destined to live in a bus shelter? Or do I start fighting back. I belong to that group who changed the world once. In the 60’s. Now most of my friends don’t even vote. I have opinions. I’m tired of all the crap dished out daily by the so-called powers that be. I have a lot to say and I’m going to say it. I hope there might be folks out there who’ll talk back.

I never got around to married. I have a career of sorts that’s being heavily affected by the economy south of here. I love life and I love people and I love words. I’m not so much a Facebooker, Seems like a time waster to me. I still haven’t figured out Twittering but I will. So here goes nuthin.



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  1. My name is Lloyd Alter, and I am currently editor of architecture and design at TreeHugger.com for Discovery communications, but am starting up a new website focused on our generation, the 45-65 boomer demographic that everyone gets totally wrong, I have my pitch below; click on my name to see the very early version, it doesn’t go public for a couple of weeks.

    It is an international site, and I am interested in your work as a chef, your ideas about food, and how you survive in a very tough business. Food is a very big topic and getting a chef’s side of the story would be fascinating. (nobody out there besides you and me are much interested in Toronto politics).

    I like your writing, and you might enjoy this.

    Elevator Pitch:

    There are 77 million baby boomers in the USA. We control $ 13 trillion in assets, half of America’s asset base. 67% of us own their own homes. We spent $ 2.9 trillion last year, buying the most vacations, cars, luxury goods and are the early adopters of new technologies. We own a third of all the iPhones and half of the Macs. We control $28 trillion of the nation’s assets and will inherit around $10.8 trillion from our parents.

    And what are we going to do with all this? Some are lining up to sell us expensive cruises, resorts, fancy cars and watches. Others offer us botox and diapers.

    I think we are better than this.

    We can’t just spend our money having a good time while the planet continues to be overcrowded and overheated. We have to do it right. We have to go beyond doing the green thing; we have to do the ethical thing.

    This website is about doing it right. About making the choices that let us live healthy, happy and active lives without leaving the bill to our grandchildren. Its content is relevant to people of any age, because we are doing the things that people of any age do; but there is a tone and nuance that speaks to a more experienced crowd that has been around the block and had their share of successes and failures. Authenticity matters. Ethics matter.

    We are going to open a dialogue about how we can live, work and play in an ethical, sustainable way. And enjoy every second of it.

    Posted by Lloyd Alter | February 24, 2012, 9:35 pm
    • Hi LLoyd: You have my interest. I’ve looked at your site. It is definitely interesting. I am your demographic, no doubt. By the way, I happen to think the state of TO’s politics is perhaps not so much interesting as desparate and, full disclosure, my sister is a city councillor so I have a lot of insider knowledge.
      Yes I’m a real honest to gosh classically trained chef. been one for low these past 30 plus years. Grew up in a classic boomer family but my dad grew up with a bit of money and taste so we learned early about Camembert and Boeuf Bourguignon. Didn’t taste my first Cheez Whiz til I went to university. I have not been a restaurant chef for 15 years. I became a product development chef after owning my own catering company for a few years. I have been developing products for manufacturers that you would by in retail stores or eat in chain restaurants that (don’t be to disillusioned here) don’t have chefs any more. It does go on and on and I can go on and on. I love what I do and I love to do it.

      Challenges you say? Where oh where does one start. Perhaps with, I’m actually unemployed now. I got to good at what I do and now I can’t find a job where I don’t scare them. Fun huh? Not to worry though. I keep at it. But back to your site. What do you have in mind. It’s only fair to warn you that I actually do write. I ghost write cook books among other things. For my colleagues and friends who are more interested in preening before cameras. I always say, go be famous, just throw me money. It has worked relatively well though cookbooks don’t, contrary to popular perception, make a whole lot of bucks. It’s especially interesting to get this today. last night some friends were campaigning to get me to agree to write a blog about food. Instead. I think I can do both quite frankly. Did I mention I come from a long line of politicians?

      Come back to me. Tell me more. My email is below my sig.


      Posted by middleagedinthenewmillenium | February 25, 2012, 5:28 am

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